Tell us about the time when you witnessed bullying

This website was created by Novak Zivkovic to help those who have encountered bullies and don't feel the greatest currently, and with the help of Joe Burn who made the private Kahoot!, and Beilin Zhang, who made the scratch game, this website was made possible. 

What is bullying and how does it look like?

What it is and why it is bad?

What is the difference between being rude, being mean, and bullying?

Being rude is when you say or do something that hurts someone without you mean to hurt them.

Being mean is when you say something or do something on purpose once or twice.

Bullying is the same as being mean, except for one thing - it is being mean non-stop, constantly.

So being rude or mean once isn't bullying, but doing it multiple times is.

So, what are the types of bullying?

It can be:

  • physical, e.g. punching, kicking, e.t.c.

  • verbal and emotional, and

  • cyberbullying.

Some types of bullying are types of abuse! 

How can you recognise if someone is being bullied?

They will start acting different and will want to be by themselves all the time. They will be gloomy and depressed and feel thoughts of hurting themselves.

If someone feels these feelings, tell someone, and if you feel these feelings, talk to somebody.

Some bullies don't know that they are bullying, and sometimes they don't know that they are hurting someone. Bullies choose to bully because it gives them the feeling of power and authority and sometimes popularity.

If people are avoiding you, or they are ignoring you, it might be because you are doing all these things and hurting others!

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