Tell us about the time when you witnessed bullying

This website was created by Novak Zivkovic to help those who have encountered bullies and don't feel the greatest currently, and with the help of Joe Burn who made the private Kahoot!, and Beilin Zhang, who made the scratch game, this website was made possible. 

How can we stop bullying and create friendships?

How to help people who are/were bullied and how to ask for help if you are at the receiving end

If you know someone is/was bullied, spend time with them - talk to them, take walks with them, play with them... Don't leave them alone, even if they push you away.

If you are bullied, try and push away all horrible thoughts, and spend time with friends and loved ones. Tell someone if you or anyone is bullied. A few people you can contact are...

  • Parents/family and loved ones

  • Friends

  • Teachers

  • Principle

  • Ministry of education and Police on rare occasions

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