Tell us about the time when you witnessed bullying

This website was created by Novak Zivkovic to help those who have encountered bullies and don't feel the greatest currently, and with the help of Joe Burn who made the private Kahoot!, and Beilin Zhang, who made the scratch game, this website was made possible. 

May 2019 16.5.19

Welcome! This is the first story we received and we are so glad that we get to share this story with you!

This person asked us not to share their name so we will call them Jack for this story.

When Jack was in school and six years old, he tackled an older kid while playing football, and the person got mad. Unfortunately, that person was known to be a mean bully.

For some time, whenever Jack would play football, the bully would grab onto Jack and push him over and roll him down a slope.

This was happening to another child too, and after some time, the teachers were told about this and saw this happening, and they decided to take action.

The bully was observed, caught in the act many times and in the end, expelled from school. After some time Jack started to feel better, as friends helped him out.

Only if you tell an adult, action will be taken!

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