Tell us about the time when you witnessed bullying

This website was created by Novak Zivkovic to help those who have encountered bullies and don't feel the greatest currently, and with the help of Joe Burn who made the private Kahoot!, and Beilin Zhang, who made the scratch game, this website was made possible. 

How can I stay safe?

To stay safe from bullies, just walk away from them and/or always be with a friend.


We can have time at school or in other places where we won't need to feel the need to constantly look over our shoulders.


And don't forget, your safety is the most important thing.

Both adults and peers can help when someone is bullied

Adults will take care of the situation, and they will talk to the bully, tell them that the actions they did hurt someone and that they should be more kind and considerate. They also will help the person who is/was bullied and will reassure them that what the bully said/did is wrong and that it is none of the victim's fault.

Peers and friends can help too. They can be very supportive and will stand up for you. They will spend time with you, talk with you and include you in their games.

Always speak up, and don't forget that there will be people to help you.

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